What our guests say

Our guests write a lot of nice things about us, which we are very pleased to hear. Read a selection of the positive feedback we have received here.


Henrik Lynge
"Empathy, attentiveness ... you are always on top of things: before we arrive you contact us to confirm final numbers, requirements and the fine details. It's reassuring to know that you are thinking in advance about the fact that we're coming to spend many hours with you. And when we arrive: you welcome us and are there every step of the way with meeting rooms and equipment to give us the best possible start."


Lene Herrstedt
Trafitec ApS
"You have everything under control. You are prepared for our visit, and actively steer the event at an appropriate level, both when we arrive, in the meeting rooms and in the restaurant. It's the feeling of being welcome – knowing that things work. The restaurant is superb."


Trine H. Schyth
Hempel A/S
"Fantastic welcome with lots of enthusiasm and positive vibrations. Two days in a row!


Mette Christiansen
Nordea Liv og Pension
"The technicians came and helped. All the staff smiled and said hello. Anything we ordered, such as soft drinks, arrived promptly."

Ann Dorte Ahrenskjær
"Everything was done professionally and smoothly. This is a really important because it means that we can dedicate our time to working, rather than organising. Simply terrific!"

Joan Roed
Chr. Hansen
"Reception staff and technicians smiled, and were really welcoming and helpful. We had the feeling of being well treated. We were served absolutely wonderful food in the restaurant. The quality of the coffee, tea and fruit was also superb."

Erling Johansen
Fødevareforbundet NNF
"You do it really well. The way your staff speak and their voice tone is particularly good. It was a pleasure staying."

Birte Møller
Saville Consulting A/S
"Fantastic service from both reception, technicians and restaurant staff. Our delegates told us that they felt really welcome and well taken care of. The food and cakes were also a massive hit!"


Kurt Kristiansen
"We felt in safe surroundings from the time we arrived. Our questions were answered, and technicians were called to ensure that all our needs were fulfilled."

Gert Egger
Action Lab A/S
"I want to take this opportunity of praising the whole team at KolleKolle. We could sense how much you all enjoy working in the hotel. The physical framework is absolutely superb and everything worked like clockwork. You are simply better than the other places I have visited."


Novo Nordisk A/S
"We couldn't point to any faults whatsoever! Everyone felt welcome, and the service in reception, photocopying for example, was perfect. A fantastic example of your excellent service was that I tried to print some material and wasn't able to connect to the printer. I mentioned this to one of your staff who happened to be passing with his hands full. He stopped, telephoned a technician, and 30 seconds later the problem was solved. Brilliant! The food in the restaurant is in a league of its own, so much so that the word has already spread to all my colleagues working in the same area of the company as me – super marketing."