• Fencing and Touchésport

  • Beer tasting with Skovlyst Brewery

Touchesport. Fægtning. Aktiviteter på KolleKolle.

Fencing places great demands on your psychological, physical and tactical powers, and on your concentration and coordination. Anyone who wants to play Zorro can throw themselves into the fencing mystique, and develop the skills required to be a good fencer. Having immersed yourself completely in the intense drama of the dual, you will be sure to discover your inner fencing demon.

A fencing arrangement can include the following:

  • Fencing and the mental connection
  • Understanding the mental and physical game before, during and after a dual
  • Tactics and strategy
  • Understanding how to take advantage of an opponent's body language
  • Using your own strengths and weakness, and those of your opponent
  • Fencing technique and footwork
  • Ordinary warm-up
  • Technical warm-up
  • Safety rules
  • Describing and explaining equipment and weapons, as well as clothing
  • Describing and explaining the rules of fencing and electronic scoring
  • Competition

Read more at www.touchesport.dk or ring the KolleKolle Booking Team for more information.

Ølsmagning med Bryggeri Skovlyst

The talk include the history of our local Skovlyst Brewery, a description of the brewing process, and the ingredients used, rounded after by a beer-tasting session? As part of the trip, guests receive a 3-bottle gift box, as well as a booklet in Danish about Danish beer making.

Bookings need to be made at least 5 days in advance unless otherwise agreed.

Order the above tour from KolleKolle's conference booking team, telephone +45 44984222

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