KolleKolle and the environment

KolleKolle and the environment

KolleKolle is proud of its achievements to help the environment. In particular, we have always placed a lot of emphasis on incorporating eco-friendly solutions into our daily routines, and when extending or renovating the hotel.


KolleKolle and the environment

KolleKolle was built as a residential course venue and was completed in 1972 – i.e. before the 1973 oil crisis. In those days there wasn't that much emphasis on the thickness of insulation, electricity consumption and saving water, and naturally this influenced the way the buildings were constructed at the time. Inevitably, this rather limits the improvements that can be made in energy efficiency terms. Nonetheless, there are many possibilities that can be explored. Here at KolleKolle we have always focused on saving energy, both on a daily basis and when extending or renovating the hotel.

All new members of staff at KolleKolle are given an introductory briefing about our environment policy, and both management and staff committees include the environment as a fixed item at all meetings.


Helping the environment on a daily basis

  • All paper is Nordic Eco-labelled.
  • All cleaning materials are Nordic Eco-labelled including toilet disinfectants, decalcifying fluids and bathroom
    cleaning products.
  • All hand soaps and shampoos are eco-labelled.
  • Water, electricity and gas consumption is recorded monthly, with separate meters for equipment and
    machinery that use the most energy. This makes it easy to localise possible overconsumption.
  • Established environment committee with representatives from all departments. Convenes 4 times a year.
  • All rubbish is sorted into categories.
  • Eco-friendly petrol used in all hand-operated lawn mowers.
  • We do not water the large areas of grass around the hotel.
  • Waste paper is recycled internally for note and memo taking by all staff.
  • Reservation confirmations are sent as PDF files via e-mail, but when occasionally these have to be printed
    we use both sides of the paper.


The above measures and other energy saving initiatives mean that, despite increased consumption in connection with improvements to the indoor environment, KolleKolle has reduced its overall energy consumption and its CO2 emissions by over 200 tons per year.
In volume terms, KolleKolle is very proud to say that it has helped the environment by cutting CO2 emissions by 60,000 m3, which is equivalent to 10 water towers stacked on top of each other.


Facts about annual savings compared with consumption in 1998.

Electricity 116,031 kWh -15%
Water 5,287 m3 -52%
Natural gas 81,380 m3 -49%

If you are interested in a more detailed explanation of the above, or would like to hear about the initiatives we take, and have taken, you're welcome to contact us.