• Swimming pool

  • Fitness room

  • Laketours


  • Soft golf

  • Outdoor meeting room

  • Outdoor "headache"

We have a game room where you can play ping-pong and billard.

If you want, you can also borrow our CD with breathing exercises. Use it if you need an activity in your meeting or course where you can get a chance to stretch your bodies. There is also a poster that shows the different exercises that the CD talks about. Duration: approximately 7 minutes.

There are three different CDs:

• Good morning

• For the back

• For the back and shoulders

We can set up a Soft Golf course on our large lawns. You certainly don't need to be an experienced golfer to participate. About the size of a tennis ball, Soft Golf balls are played with light golf balls and the idea of the game is to hit a ball into a hole as large as a hula hula hoop. It's a game that everyone can play, and great fun.

Call our booking team for more information.


Fitness room

Free access to our fitness room, where you will find a cross-trainer, bicycle, rowing machine etc., pilates balls og exercise mats and bath and changing room facilities.

Swimming pool

The hotel has an attractive indoor swimming pool area under the main building at garden level, where you can take a refreshing morning dip before the day's program. We also have equipment if you feel like a session of water basketball.

KolleKolle can offer the free use of Dialoogle dialogue cards. The set consists of 60 different pictures covering over 1,000 words. Dialoogle can be used, in small or large groups, to kickstart, revitalize, expand and qualify communication in confidential situations. The cards trigger associations in the brain, stimulate free thinking, and make it easy to think creatively.

Dialoogle comes with a guide for inspiration that lists 21 different ways of using the cards to get you started.

Ask for more information next time you book a meeting at KolleKolle.

Slugten ved KolleKolle

KolleKolle borders the nearby Nørreskoven woods, Lake Furesø and the Dybendal ravine which all provide a fantastic backdrop.

It is always nice to explore the area of where you are staying, especially when it is as beautiful as here. In the reception you can pick up a map of the area with marked rutes for your run, walk, or bike ride.  

Udendørs møderum

When you attend a meeting at KolleKolle, you can also do it outside, where there is space to think big thoughts. The outdoor meeting space is built of rustic wooden beams, green plants and a table and benches for 12 people.


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