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About KolleKolle

This is where you can read about the ownership structure of the hotel, and how we maintain our quality standards in relation to both guests and the environment.


KolleKolle is owned and run as a commercial company by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. Learn more about the Danish Agriculture & Food Council right here.
Landbrug & Fødevarer

DKBS – Danske Konferencecentre
DKBS – Danske Konferencecentre is an association of conference centres ind Denmark. DKBS membership is conditional on a number of quality requirements, both service and product related, being fulfilled. Conference centres are regularly assessed by the Danish Technological Institue to ensure that the high standards of quality are maintained. Service levels are measured using questionnaires sent to guests.

DKBS also operates a free booking service which aims to offer professional guidance, advice and a reservations service at no charge to customers of its conference centre members. Learn more about DKBS right here.

Danske konferencecentre NY moerk 

The Green Key®
KolleKolle has a well-defined environmental policy and a natural consequence of this is that we are members of the Green Key® which is a diploma awarded to companies within tourism: hostels, conference and holiday centres, campsites, holiday houses, leisure facilities and restaurants. Læs mere på: Read more about the Green Key right here.


Social responsibility
KolleKolle takes social responsibility. We see opportunities instead of limits. We are spacious and take into account each other's differences. In 2016 we were nominated for the CSR award in Furesø Municipality, which we are very proud of.


KolleKolle is a member of Horesta, the hotel, restaurant and catering industry employers' association. Read more about Horesta right here.